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February 3rd, 2009

06:56 am - Life, serve-you.net, and everything else

It would seem a few months have passed since my last substantive post, so here we are again….

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August 23rd, 2007

11:45 pm
If you couldn't tell, I pretty much gave up on LJ nearly 2 years ago. I still read my friends list fairly often, but I really don't like posting here anymore. That said, I do feel like I need a place to write every now and then, that doesn't feel so lame. So dallendoug inspired me to get off my ass, and redo my old blog. It's not quite done being setup, but I did manage to import all my old LJ posts in to it (no comments though).

Take a look if you like, or don't. I don't care. I've got it set so you have to register if you want to comment, PITA, but gotta block the spammers however we can, ya know?


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October 24th, 2005

09:39 am - Untitled

testy test test

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October 20th, 2005

11:52 am
So as most of you know, I lost my mom to brain cancer several years ago. Steph lost her mom to breast cancer. Every year (most natably in October), we try to do what we can to support finding a cure. When STV was doing well with memberships, we'd donate the entire months proceeds, and even match it. Some years, we can afford to do more than others. I just found this cool site. 3M is donating .50 (up to $100,000) to City of Hope for each post-it filled out. It costs you nothing, and requires no personal info. I urge you all to go write a note, and tell everyone you know to do the same.
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October 5th, 2005

06:43 am - Dine for America
I'm not one for sappy ass "I love America" bullshit, but I do like to help out those in need when/how I can. Tonight, thousands of restaurants around the country will be participating in Dine for America. They will donate all (or a percentage in some) proceeds to the American Red Cross Katrina/Rita relief funds. Go to their site and find a participating restaurant near you. You know you were gonna go out to eat anyway.

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September 22nd, 2005

04:25 pm - New Teef
So last night I was flossing my teeth, and I got to one next to my 2 temporary crowns. You aren't supposed to floss them, but I always have (I've had temporary crowns on 2 teeth for the past 2 months). I'm just careful not to put too much pressure. Anyhow, I put the floss in and start to gently clean, and POP!, crown falls on my tougue! FUCK! I say.

So this morning I call my dentist, and tell her what's up. I'm not supposed to go in for my permanent porcelean crowns until Oct. 2. She tells me that my crowns arrived from the lab yesterday so I'm in luck. Would I like to come in today to get them put in? HELL YES I WOULD!

So I drop everything at work, and drive up to the dentist. She pops out the remaining temporary crown, and starts my polishing. About an hour later, I had two new teef! I've had about half a tooth on each of them for easily 2 years now. It is so nice to actually have full teef there now. Aside from the slight pain I'm starting to feel from the needle going into my socket, and the packing of the two crowns next to one another.

So I'm pretty much "done" at the dentist. I still want to get some more cosmetic stuff done, but no hurry on that. My dentist put me on a 3 month cleaning schedule, since my mouth is still a warzone, and I seem to get more buildup than most.
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Current Music: Gary Numan - We Take Mystery (to Bed)

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September 15th, 2005

10:13 am - . . .
So ummm... yeah.

I don't really know why I haven't updated this thing in a while. I never have been good at it. Any how. Things have been going pretty good. I've been busy with work, side projects, and life in general. punquin and I just got back from a short trip to Vegas. It was a nice getaway, and we got to meet up with some friends there. Unfortunately 2 of our other friends who were supposed to meet us there had to cancel at the last minute. So I'm just gonna have to bug the shit outta them to come visit us here in VA ;) I finally got a new cell phone with a camera, so I setup a moblog on textamerica. Not much there yet, and I need to customize it a bit, but it serves it's purpose.

Wow, this got pretty long click clickCollapse )
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February 17th, 2005

09:00 pm - been a while...
So I haven't posted in a while. Been hella busy at work lately. I've been in Boston since Sunday for Linuxworld. It was cool, but I don't think I'd even go for the whole week again. A couple of days would be good. Unfortunately, it seems I know too much, cuz most of the conferences/seminars I sat in on were old news. I guess that's not really a bad thing though, is it?

I forgot how great Boston is. I love this city. The architecture is fantastic. The people are mostly cool. I wouldn't mind having a house up here, though I wouldn't wanna live here in the winter. It's pretty fuckin cold. As usual, I walked entirely too much this week. The only time I've used any other form of transportation I've used was the cab I took to the hotel from the train station. I walked about 10 miles the other day around the city, after walking around the expo all day. Today I walked another 5 or so to/from the aquarium, and all around it. It was fun, but I wish Steph was here to see it. It's too bad, cuz there's no reason she couldn't have come, since she's hardly working this week with the office being remodled.

Other than the trip, not much has been goin on. I'm still waiting on my body kit for my car. They called me today to tell me that infiniti hasn't even started shipping the parts out. That's what I get for getting a car barely off the assembly line right?

I decided that we needed a real vacation, so I booked us a trip to Cancun next month for our anniversary. We'll be staying in the same hotel we stayed at for our honeymoon. It will be nice to just relax for a week. Been a long time since we took a real vacation.

How you all doin?
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December 9th, 2004

07:37 am - Dimebag Darrell Dead?

Although there is no definitive report, it appears that he is dead.

I am speechless.
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October 26th, 2004

08:40 am
Why do people who don't know me, feel the need to knock on my office door, and ask me where someone else in another office is? That's like going to your friends house, knocking on their door and getting no answer, so you go to the house next door and ask them if they know where your friend is.....

How you doin?
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